Why Choose Me?  Here's 10 Reasons


If you are a small to medium sized business a freelance designer may be exactly what you are looking for. If you turn to a design firm, you will pay outrageous prices and your project might not get the full attention it needs. As a freelance designer I can offer professional design services at very reasonable rates.
2) I am a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA)...what's a CUA?
3) I am a full time professional Sr. Designer for a local Fortune 100 company.
4) I focus my full attention on each and every project, and make sure it satisfies the client.  As a freelance designer, if your design or web site looks bad, that makes me look bad.
5) You can easily contact me at any time without frustrating 800 numbers
6) For clients in the Quad Cities -- I’m local. I can easily meet with you at any time for questions, updates or changes to your web site
7) I have provided freelance services to many clients throughout the Quad Cities and Chicago for more than 6 years.
8) I am an award winning, experienced designer, who strives to create long lasting client relationships.
9) Not only do I have years of valuable experience, but I have a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, and certifications.
10) You only have a few moments to capture your web audience, and my elegant graphics and web design skills are just a couple methods to keep your potential customers coming back to your site.